Lenticular Software

HumanEyes Producer3D – The unique end-to-end solution for creating and printing lenticular 3D projects


Create and print easily amazing projects with special effects: 3D, Flip, Zoom, Motion and more!


HumanEHuman Eyes lenticular softwareyes Producer3D is an end-to-end solution that covers the entire workflow of lenticular image production from lenticular content creation to interlace and pre-press.

It maximizes printers’ productivity and changes the face of lenticular printing with an impressive array of new lenticular tools and ‘’industry first’’ pre-press features that  enable to easily handle 2D to 3D  image conversion, simplify the lenticular pre-print process, greatly improve lenticular productivity and provide superior lenticular print quality.

Available for both digital and litho print applications, HumanEyes Producer3D maximizes printers’ productivity and allows them to work seamlessly with their existing printing equipment to produce superior results that get noticed.

HumanEyes Producer3D is a suite of 3 applications that allow you to work, step by step, on the creation and production of a lenticular printed project:



HumanEyes’ turnkey solutions give printers the ability to expand their portfolio of capabilities and services with new and unique solutions for all advertising media, from 3D-capable electronic display to conventional print, packaging, backlit signs, extra wide-format signs, business cards, greeting cards, notebooks, coasters and much more.

The astounding power of 3D; as well as lenticular effects such as flip and animation, are immediately reflected in increased sales!


  • Produce a wide variety of unique visual applications
  • Catalyze productivity gains
  • Enjoy a minimal learning curve
  • Get additional use of your  existing equipment
  • Enjoy higher margins
  • Differentiate from your competitors with a new eye- catching technology


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