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Software Applications

Lenticular imaging can be managed effectively using existing graphic software applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. However, more and more printers are using specific software applications to do the job.

The software is a part of the process. We enjoyed looking at wonderful lenticular images created by lenticular artists using many different software packages (sometimes proprietary) or printing devices. You’ll see many samples of lenticular imaging on DP Lenticular’s gallery or on Lenstar Lenticular Print Award (results).

We do not guarantee the completeness or competence of any function of the lenticular software choices listed; providers will service and support their respective products independently. However, we welcome your feedback in our continuing efforts providing practical and effective information to our customers.

What follows is a list of lenticular software providers focusing on professional applications. Don’t forget that the most important is the people !

lenticular software  

OS: Windows Language EN-RU

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More software and 3D products are proposed on the website.

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3D Live View   OS: Windows       Language EN-RU

the brand new amazing 3D Live Vue Software that can be used at any event or public place and make you, your friends or your clients happy. This new tool enables to create instant 3D selfies augmented with various artistic backgrounds and effects.

compatible with Windows 10.

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lenticular software

“Software by professionals for professionals”


OS: Windows Language DE-EN

3DZ EXtreme Pro V7 is a professional and comprehensive Lenticular software package.

You can make Lenticular images of any kind, produced in any size and for all lens types.
3DZ lenticular software can be used directly or in the prepress production tool.
In addition to the main interlacing software, this package also includes our print and production module, which allows to directly print and produce lenticular images of large format, single pieces and short production runs.
3DZ Lenticularsuite 2014 allows to decrease the background unsharpness.
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lenticular software  

OS: Windows 95/98/NT, XP,Vista and Intel Macs

Super Flip! is a very easy to use interlacer for your 3D, flip and animation pictures. Super Flip! 3-D Genius enables you to construct 3D images in your computer for any 3D lens in just a few minutes. Fast, simple, and inexpensive!

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Human Eyes lenticular software  

Mac Language EN

HumanEyes Technologies Ltd provides a full solution software suite for printers that covers the entire workflow of lenticular image production: HumanEyes Capture3D includes HumanEyes’ patented algorithms for photographic 3D; HumanEyes Creative3D allows designers to have full control over the lenticular design process (including HumanEyes’ robust 2D to 3D conversion technology); HumanEyes new Producer3D is an interlacing software which maximizes printers’ productivity and changes the face of lenticular printing with an impressive array of new specific tools and prepress features that simplify the lenticular pre-print process.

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logiciel de création d'images lenticulaires  

OS: Mac OS 9 & Mac OSX Language FR-EN

Created by Henri & Thomas Clement.

Inexpensive – efficient, for Mac users only. See more information on this page

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Interlacing Tools is a free software package for Windows 64bits  

OS: Windows 64bits

Interlacing Tools is a free software package for Windows 64bits including 3 different command line tools:

  • Pitchtest, a program to calculate the mechanical pitch of a lenticular sheet.
  • Interlacer, a program to interlace a sequence of images mainly focused on the creation of orthoscopic 3D images.
  • Deinterlacer, a program to simulate the behavior of a given lenticular sheet placed over the interlaced image.
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PhotoIllusion - PowerIllusion lenticular softwarePowerIllusion II lenticular software  

OS: Mac OSX or Windows Language EN

Power Illusion runs on Mac OS X or Windows and functions identically on both platforms. Power Illusion offers a revolutionary new concept in lenticular design. Using keys the user can control the visibility, opacity, parallax, position, scale and rotation of every layer. This allows for the effortless mixing of motion, flips, zooms and 3D – all in one layered project.Power Illusion II has been re-written from the ground up.Available for Windows and OSX, the entire interface has been redesigned.Multiple languages have been added. 20 supported with 5 current translations: English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese.ICC color support and color conversion now supported.

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3DMasterKit lenticular software



OS: Windows Language EN-RU

Triaxes is proposing 3DMasterKit, StereoTracer, Legend software and the brand new amazing 3D Live Vue Software.

all Triaxes products are compatible with Windows 10.

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